AFG1226 automatic folder gluer

Processing capacity will be stronger for the thicker and bigger cardboard
The design of the machine is durable, quick order switchover and it can be suitable for small batch production requirement
The associate components are purchasing from international famous brand which have higher reliability
The belts using for the key parts are applied by the rubber belt with outstanding quality
The 90 degree squaring function can improve the folding accuracy of the cardboards (patent)
Creasing wheels can be fine-tuned in horizontal level (patent)
American Valco’s gluing system

1.maximum conveyor belt speed (m/min): 120
2.maximum working efficiency (pages/min): 240 (depending on the actual situation) power rate (kw): 20.2 (5-10KW under normal working)
4.dimensions (L×W×H) (mm): 12640×4250×3000 (not include binding section) weight (ton): about 13.5
6.orders memory capacity (sets): 250 (extendable)
7.control mode: PLC automatic programmable control
8.blank size:
Max. Size (mm): 1200×2600, min. size (mm): 260×740;
Max. Usable width of the gluing wheel (mm): 40
Flute: 3 or 5 plys cardboards with flute A, B, C, AB and BC
The size of B and E can be minimized to about 120mm. In case of the sizes of both B and E are over 350mm, the difference between B and A must be less than 670mm and 1300mm≥A+B≥350mm