TSH Series high speed rotary stacker

Technical specification:
- Automatic collection of paper and manual collection of paper can easily convert, the small size cardboard paper can be manually closed
- Pre-stacking by front side and reverse side, receiving the paper by entire pile, guarantees the orderliness of the pile;
- The first pile of paper is able to be stacked with a certain direction(the colored side upward),automatically stacking output device is optional;
- Winding-based collecting method without stopping and damaging the cardboards (patent)
- Automatically/manually receiving paper selectable,manually mode can be suitable for the paperboard in small size;
- Visual control,easily-operation,working state can be automatically displayed,automatically alarms for errors or mistakes;
- Siemens PLC control system and variable-frequency speed control system,enables infinitely speed control without stopping the machine.
- easily cooperation and combined with laminators from other supplier.
Technical details:
Max.receiving dimension:
Min.receiving dimension:
Max. Receiving speed:
Max.height of stacking:
Total power:
Air consume:
Total weight: