HAL Series high speed automatic laminator

Technical specification
- Automatically tracking system for top sheets and bottom sheets,providing high speed and precision;
- Unique front register for precious positioning,prevents bottom sheets from traversing advanced;
- Overlapping feeding process of top sheet,provide high stability ;
- Automatically adjusting system for different dimension of top sheets and bottom sheets,providing high speed and effectivity for laminating process;
- Servo-controlled floating platform for bottom sheet feeding process,providing high productivity and reducing abrasion of the feeding belts;
- Rotatable and telescopic holding frame,provides better adaptability for the wrinkled corrugated medium.
- Over-press protection system for pressing rollers,prevents accidentally damage of the pressing roller;
-  It is allowed to stack a new pile of top sheets without stopping the machine;
- Touch screen for control and monitoring,friendly HMI;
- Non-stop top sheets stacking device(optional);
- Bottom sheets pressing device(optional).