High speed corrugated production line

Production line overview

Cassette single facer, it is has been equiped with electrical trolley, quick changing corrugator rolls which can suit for the various flutes change

The diameter of upper corrugator roll is 408 mm while the diameter of lower corrugator roll is 360 mm. This kind of match will be beneficial for the flute formation and also be benificial for reducing the shake and noise.

Whole piece casting for the board of cassette single facer, removing gear box structure which can reduce the machenical shake

The modular design has been applied into the glue unit and because of fully removing structure design, it is very convinent for repair and maintenance; servo motor control based drive system which can sychronize with double facer accurately

The pressure will be even through segment pressure-adjusting pressing plate, each pressing plate can be controlled separately for various order requirements

Special design for steam heating system (Patent) which is more suitable for 4 layers cardboards production

Bridge guiding and tension control system which can quickly alligning the edge of paperboards and reduce the waste dramatically

“One step” fully automatic loading system, automatically loading, automatically centering and automatically unloading, these intelligent function can improve the working efficiency and effectively protect the paper core (Patent)

Steam-savng system, the pressure can be adjusted automatically by the double facer based on the speed change and current order

Non-stop splicing, order change and remaining mill roll can be controlled by production management system

Automatically collecting system for material consumption data

Back up system by forklift

The automatic control of glue quantity, the quantity of glue can be adjusted automatically based on the speed change and current order. The automatic wrapping angle control function, the wrapping angle can be automatically adjusted based on the order and speed change

The glue dam can be controlled automatically and their position can be adjusted automatically based on the order change

Video monitor system, in order to reduce the lost, each main host will be equiped with real time video monitor system

Technicl parameters:

The maximum mechanical design speed: 300m/min

The effective width of cardboard: 1600mm--2500m

Single facer production line, single wall production line, double wall production line and triple wall production line

SF series single facer


Vaccum sucking based leading method

Separate low noise driving cabinet, universal joint three-dimensional driving

Pnematic pressurized method has been applied in corrugator roll and pressure roll

Applicator roll with automatic idling function, when the machine is required to be stop for a while, it can prevent the glue from being dried on the applicator roll

Electrical glue dam

PLC control the gap between the applicator roll and scratching roll and the gap between the upper corrugator roll and applicator roll, the gap can be changed as speed change or manually

22Kw main motor and 11Kw blower

Technical parameters:

SF20 series:
The maximum speed: 200m/min

Diameter of corrugator rolls: 320mm

Diameter of pressure rolls: 325mm

Diameter of gluing rolls: 254mm

Diameter of scratching rolls: 140mm

Diameter of liner preheating rolls: 140mm

The effective width of cardboards: 1800mm,2200mm

SF25 series:
The maximum speed: 250m/min

Diameter of corrugator rolls: 380mm

Diameter of pressure rolls: 385mm

Diameter of gluing rolls: 302mm

Diameter of scratching rolls: 170mm

Diameter of liner preheating rolls: 140mm

The effective width of cardboards: 1800mm,2200mm

SFN cassette single facer:

Cassette single facer, the corrugator rolls can be quickly changed between 5 and 10 minutes and it can be equipped with flute A, C, B, E or F which are suitable for various order and satifying the customer’s requirements

High speed and stable operation can be ensured by hydrulic system of corrugator rolls and pressure rolls

The leading method is based on blowing type, the medium is sticked on the corrugator rolls tighty which are beneficial for heat transfering, flute formation and reducing energy consumption

Accurate applicating system, applicating quantityis between 0.08mm and 0.15mm, the quantity of glue can be reduced automatically as speed up under the auto mode

The water recycling device of applicating system cam ensure the stable performance of glue

Better heat transfer and high speed stability can be offered by big size pressure rolls

The wrapping angle for medium can be adjusted automatically

Spraying system for medium

Tungsten carbide corrugator rolls from famours brand, and its service life can reach to 30 million meters

Aluminum leading rollers can rotate quickly
Electric trolley:
Technical parameters:

The maximum mechenical speed: 300 m/min

The maximum width: 1800, 22000 or 2500

Diameter of corrugator rolls: upper corrugator roll is Φ408 while the lower corrugator roll is 360

Diameter of pressure roll: 400 mm

Diameter of applicating roll: 315 mm

Diameter of scratching roll: 180 mm

Diameter of liner pre-heating roll: 400 mm

Diameter of medium pre-heating roll: 523 mm

Without gear transmission, the shake can noise can be reduced under high speed

Durable frame design, the whole piece iron casting has been applied for the board which can absorb the common shake

MRS series reel stand:


Durable design, fully hydraulic drive which can ensure the sorking performance

The expanding clamp is applied for avoid damaging the paper core

Pneumatic multiple brake can control the tension of the mill roll

Equipped with unloading device

Multiple operation platform which is quick and convenient

Central integrated control table which can control the splicer and hydraulic rail at the same time

The interface can be used for displaying the splicing speed, radius of mill roll and setting tension

Technical parameters:

The maximum width: 1800,2200 or 2500mm

The maximum diameter of mill roll: 1600mm

The maximum weight of mill roll: 4500kg

The size of expanding clamp: 3 to 4 inch

ARL series hydraulic rail car:
Rail cars has been driven by hydraulic device

Loading and guuiding can be assissted by hydraulic device

Durable design without any deformation

Long and short rails is distributed staggerly

Feeding can be carried out through operation side and drive side based on the customer’s requirements

Automatic loading system:

Automatic loading,automatic centering and automatic unloading

Reducing the working intensity

This system can prevent the core of mill roll from manual operation and improve the utilization of mill roll

PH series Preheater:

Preheater: diameter: 1000mm, stainless steel, the surface has been chrome plated

Aluminum leading roller, diameter: about 120mm, the movement of leading roller is based on electrical control and wrapping angle can be adjusted by control system based on order and speed change

Double leading rollers which can be adjusted automatically to achieve 360°wrapping angle and it also can be connected with production management system for intelligent control

GU series glue machine


The modular design has been applied into the product, the module of the upper layer and lower layer can be exchanged with each other which is convenient for maintenance and repair

Seperate servo motor driving which can highly synchronize with the double facer

High accuracy of glue adjustment, and the quantity of glue can be automatically adjusted within auto mode which can reduce the glue consumption

Applicator roll with automatic idling function, when the machine is required to be stop for a while, it can prevent the glue from being dried on the applicator roll

Pressing roller is used for pressing device

The adjustment for the gap of pressing rollers is electrical and the value can be displayed on the interface

Stainless steel glue disc

Technical parameters:

The maximum mechenical speed: 300m/min

The maximum width: 1800, 2200 or 2500mm

Suitable coruugated cardboard thickness: 0.7~6mm

Diameter of applicator roll: 300mm

Diameter of scratching roll: 180mm

DFJ series Double facer:


Pre-heating roller (diameter is 523mm) is equipped at the entrance of feeding position which is used for pre-heating liner
Special design individual steam heating section which is especially suitable for the four plys cardboards production
The pressure adjustment pressing plate has been applied in the hot section of double facer which can realize the lateral bending along with the direction of paperboard. This will guarantee the stable and even pressure distributed on the effective width of paperboards

Each plate can be released or lifted up individually which is suitable for different requirements of cardboards
The pressing rollers have been substitutated by smooth pressing plate which can reduce the jump of conveyor belt
High speed gear gox of driving section, the outstanding alloy steel has been hardening, grinding and lubricating which is durable.

Special meterial made rubber has been applied in double transmission roller

9mm high speed and low noise belt----The outstanding quality respresents for advanced performance and low maintenance
Automatic correcting system for the upper belt and lower belt

Pneumatic tension control for the upper belt

Belt clearing device (optional)

The supply of steam and drainage for the hot plates is achieved through three section and the temperature of each section can be adjusted proportionally

Intelligent drainage system which make low pressure and temperature operation to come true

Technical parameters:

The maximum mechenical speed: 300m/min

The maximum wideth: 1800, 2200 or 2500mm

Hot plate: 18-20 pieces

Hot plate width: 600mm

Pressure adjusting pressing plate: 12-16 sets

SSPB series automatic splicer:

Improving the efficiency of mill roll and mill roll can be fully used up

Zero tail splicing, the sticking area is quite small which can reduce the consumption

Non-stop slicing which can increase the working efficicency dramatically

Automatic tension control which indicates the advantages of easy operation and humanization

Simple and quick through structure which indicates the advantages of easy operation and humanization

Special design flatenning technology which can eliminate the wrinkle phenomenon dramatically

PLC control with high automation integrated level

Technical parameters:

The maximum width: 1600,1800,,2200,2500mm

The maximum splicing speed: 140-220m/min (based on the paper quality)

The maximum diameter of mill roll: 1500mm

Suitable paper: 90~440g/m2

The minimum strength of extension: 3 N/mm (based on the paper quality and its tension level)

Tension control range: 5~100kg

PMS production management system of corrugated production line:

Function Overview:

Including the function of Monitoring and managing production,quality and information

All the factors which will affect the efficiency will be monitored through monitoring and managing production function,such as automatic speed synchronization, automatic order change and etc.

All the factors which will affect the quality will be monitored through monitoring and managing quality function,such as the quantity control of carboards on the bridge, automatic glue quantity control,wrapping angle control,automatic control of pressing plates of double facer and etc.

Monitoring and managing information function includes order management,mill roll management,glue monitoring system,electricity and steam-consuming management and statistics report for daily production

This Production management system can combine dry end control with wet end control perfectly to achieve outstanding whole production line control so that the working efficiency and capacity can be improved. Besides,the consumption of raw material and reliability of worker experience will be reduced as well.